Why is it harder to overcome the inertia of a bowling ball than a baseballWhy is it harder to overcome the inertia of a bowling ball than a baseball

Which one is harder to push a bowling ball or basketball?

Explanation: Because of Inertia- A basketball and bowling ball will remain still unless something forces them to move . Once moving, they will want to continue moving until an outside force acts on them. So the bowling ball will be harder to stop.

Does a bowling ball have more inertia than a golf ball?

The bowling ball falls with an acceleration of 9.8m/s2 because its inertia (mass) is 160 times greater than a golf ball . It resists the greater pull of gravity.

Which has more inertia a train or a car?

Train has more moment of inertia than car because train has greater mass than car which will resist changes in its state of motion more than car .So, Train has more moment of inertia .

Why does it take more effort to make a bowling ball Accelerate 25 M s2 than to make a tennis ball accelerate 25 M s2 Make sure to include which law explains this?

What does that mean about changing the motion of the bowling ball versus the tennis ball ? Because the bowling ball has more inertia, it will be more difficult to change its motion, so it will need more force (Newton’s 3rd) if you wanted to achieve the same acceleration .

Which has more inertia bowling ball or tennis ball?

The tennis ball has a small inertia and it is easy to change its state of motion. The bowling ball has a large inertia and it is much harder to change its state of motion and consequently, the work that your body has to do to decelerate the bowling ball is what is hurtful.

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Which has more inertia tennis ball or ping pong ball?

The greater the inertia (mass) of an object, the more force is needed to accelerate it at a given rate. Since inertia is simply just a measurement of mass, the bowling ball has a higher mass, thus inertia , than the tennis ball .

What objects have the greatest inertia?

A more massive object has more inertia than a less massive object. Fast-moving objects have more inertia than slow-moving objects. An object would not have any inertia in a gravity-free environment (if there is such a place). Inertia is the tendency of all objects to resist motion and ultimately stop.

What objects have the most inertia?

The bricks, like any object, possess inertia. That is, the bricks will resist changes in their state of motion . If Shirley gives them a push, then the bricks will offer resistance to this push. The one with the most mass will be the one with the most inertia.

What has the most inertia?


Does a hammer have more inertia than a feather?

Answer. Inertia depends on the mass of an object. So the hammer will have the greater inertia than that of a feather .

When traveling to a car do you turn right?

The car is turning to the right due to the inward force, yet you feel as though you are being forced leftward or outward. In actuality, the car is beginning its turning motion (to the right ) while you continue in a straight line path.

Which will have more inertia a a car and a bus?

Answer: A bus has more inertia , because it has more mass. So, greater force is needed to change the state of the body of greater mass.

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Why doesn’t a heavy object accelerate more than a light object when both are freely falling?

Why doesn’t a heavy object accelerate more than a lighter object when both are freely falling ? o Because the greater mass offsets the equally greater force; whereas force tends to accelerate things, mass tends to resist acceleration.

What is needed to accelerate a system?

Units of Force The SI unit of force is called the newton (abbreviated N) and is the force needed to accelerate a 1-kg system at the rate of 1 m/s2. That is, since Fnet = ma, 1 N = 1 kg ⋅ m/s2.

Which cart will need more force in order to accelerate?

If a person pushes two carts , one empty and one full of groceries, with the same force , the empty cart will travel farther and accelerate more compared to the full cart . This can be used as a real life example of Newton’s second law of motion.

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