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Where can I drop off my UPS package?

A UPS Access Point™ is a participating retail outlet, such as a grocery store or petrol station that serves as a convenient and efficient UPS parcel delivery and retrieval location. You can also drop off labelled and prepaid UPS Returns® parcels at any UPS Access Point location.

Can you put UPS ground in a drop box?

All UPS service levels are accepted at UPS Drop Box locations. Access UPS Drop Boxes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get later pickup times than with your regularly scheduled pickup. Use UPS Drop Boxes as a single source for everything you need to make last-minute shipments.

Can I drop off a UPS package at the post office?

Consumers also can drop the package off at their local U.S. Post Office , in postal collection boxes or at traditional UPS drop – off locations including The UPS Store, UPS drop boxes, UPS customer centers, third-party retailers ( Office Depot, Staples, and Authorized Shipping Outlets) or hand it to a UPS driver.

Does Walmart have ups drop off?

What are UPS ground drop off locations? Drop boxes are installed on the street and in UPS ‘ partners’ locations. For example, you can find them in Walmart and other grocery stores. All in all, there are over 42,000 drop boxes around the US, so you can easily find one nearby!

What happens if I drop off a UPS package at the post office?

Your package will be sent to the appropriate USPS facility. USPS will contact UPS late in the evening and tell UPS there are several UPS packages in their possession and please come and retrieve them. So UPS will ultimately retrieve your package but it could delay your package’s shipping by one or two days.

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Can I drop off a UPS package at CVS?

How UPS drop – off works. Find a CVS location that accepts UPS packages . Leave your package with a CVS associate. UPS will pick up packages within 24 hours.

Is UPS drop box free?

Now Accepting All UPS Service Levels UPS Drop Boxes allow you to drop off your shipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the nearest self-service location. Free UPS Express Envelopes, Express Paks, and waybills are available in these units. Drop off any UPS service level at UPS Drop Box locations.

Can I put Amazon return in UPS drop box?

Attach your new return label to the shipping box . PLEASE DO NOT USE A UPS DROP BOX – you must drop off your return at a UPS Service Center – thank you!

Can UPS pick up a return package?

Schedule a package pickup at ups .com or by calling 1-800- PICK – UPS ®. A pickup may be scheduled for the same day or a future day. This option can be used for customers needing to return a package to any original shipper who does not have scheduled pickup service. Available to most addresses in the U.S.

Can you drop ups at FedEx?

All drop boxes are designed to accept packages up to 20″x 12″ x 6″. Find more package dropoff information here. Drop boxes fit your schedule with 24/7 drop -off for FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® and FedEx SmartPost® shipments. Or select FedEx Ground for shipments to arrive in 1−5 business days.

Will the mailman take prepaid packages?

It’s free, regardless of the number of packages you’re sending. Your letter carrier will pick up your package when your regular mail is delivered. Arrange a next-day pickup or let us know up to three months in advance that your packages will be ready.

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Where can I drop off a prepaid USPS package?

If your packages have domestic shipping labels, you can drop them off at USPS collection locations without waiting in line. If the packages fit, you may drop them off at blue collection mailboxes and Post Office mail drop slots. Some Post Offices may also have a designated spot on the counter for prepaid packages .

Where can I drop off Amazon returns?

If you opened a package from Amazon and didn’t love it, just drop it off at UPS or Kohl’s to have it returned. That’s it. You don’t need to worry about finding the original box, repackaging it, or printing out any special labels.

How does Amazon UPS drop off work?

You can have Amazon send you a UPS label for dropoff , go to a UPS store and have them print and attach it for you, or schedule a UPS pickup . Some clothing returns are free, but Amazon generally makes customers pay for return shipping.

How do I ship UPS from home?

Schedule a UPS On-Call Pickup® online or call 1-800-PICK- UPS ®. (If you have more than one package to ship , have them ready at the same time.

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