Round 1 bowling alleyRound 1 bowling alley

How much does it cost to bowl at Round 1?

Round 1 Bowling Prices

Item Price
1 Game – Saturday (Per Person) $6.00
2 Games – Saturday (Per Person) $11.00
90 Minutes – Saturday (Per Person) $11.99
120 Minutes – Saturday (Per Person) $15.99

What does round one have?

Round One Entertainment Inc. is an American subsidiary of Round One Corporation, the amusement centers in the U.S. offer a variety of bowling, karaoke, video game arcade cabinets and redemption games, billiards, darts, and ping pong while serving a variety of food and beverages.

Does Round 1 serve food?

Policy may vary by location. Please check your local store for details. All outside food and beverage is strictly prohibited. No alcoholic beverages allowed inside the karaoke/party rooms.

Does Round 1 have pool tables?

Raise you game with our authentic official size pool tables !

How much do you get paid at Round 1?

Round One Entertainment Salaries

Job Title Salary
Amusement Team Lead salaries – 2 salaries reported $15/hr
Bowling Associate salaries – 1 salaries reported $11/hr
Lead Associate salaries – 1 salaries reported $14/hr
Regional Mechanic salaries – 1 salaries reported $18/hr

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Do Round 1 cards expire?

Except, for Karaoke, Darts, and Billiards, member benefits will apply to entire group. Every hour of Karaoke, Billiards, Ping Pong for the whole group. Valid for 1 year (Credits/Tickets never expire ). Receive stamps for Round1 activities.

Who owns round1?

Masahiko Sugino

What games are at Round 1?

Samezu Promo Bowling. Arcade Games . Billiard. Karaoke. Darts & Ping Pong.

What is Spocha?

Spocha is a giant sports center, with everything from your regular golf and mini-bowling to some slightly more exciting ‘sports’.

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Does Round 1 have gift cards?

Combine the thoughtfulness of a gift card with the flexibility of money. Your recipient redeems online and chooses how to receive the money. They can spend their funds at your suggestion of Round1 Millcreek Mall, or elsewhere if they prefer. There is no physical gift card to carry around or lose.

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