National bowling tournament 2019National bowling tournament 2019

Where is the national bowling tournament in 2019?

Las Vegas

Is the national bowling tournament Cancelled?

The 2020 USBC Open Championships has been canceled due to COVID-19 safety concerns. All teams will have the opportunity to roll their entries to the 2021 Open Championships or receive a refund.

Where is the national bowling tournament in 2021?

South Point Bowling Plaza

Where is the women’s national bowling tournament in 2019?

Northrock Lanes

What is the bowling capital of the world?


How do I find a bowling tournament?

Let’s start by finding something local, maybe in your favorite bowling center where you know others who bowl regularly (or you can check to see what bowling centers are in your area). Many centers host small tournaments on the weekends or once a month so ask around or find a flier for a tournament close to home.

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