Great wolf lodge bowlingGreat wolf lodge bowling

How much does bowling cost at Great Wolf Lodge?

Northern Lights Arcade & Ten Paw Bowling Ten Paw Bowling is an adorable version of bowling with tiny lanes and small, 5-pound balls. We had so much fun during our last visit, and will definitely be doing it again. At just $5 at our location (at the time of posting), it’s a great way to spend some time out of the water.

What age is appropriate for Great Wolf Lodge?

While the best ages to enjoy the lodge is 7 – 13, that doesn’t mean older kids can’t have fun too! There are still plenty of attractions and activities to keep kids of all ages entertained with parents following behind letting their children lead the way.

Do you have to stay the night at Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge has announced a new nationwide water park day pass program. Though the water park used to be available only to overnight guests of the resort, this new program gives families the option of spending a quick, fun day at the water park without staying overnight .

Can you wear life jackets at Great Wolf Lodge?

Guests are permitted to bring their own life jackets . Coast Guard approved life jackets are available on a first come, first serve basis. We strongly recommend that children under 48 inches and weak or non-swimmers wear a life jacket .

Can you bring alcohol to Great Wolf Lodge?

Alcohol at Great Wolf Lodge Even in the pool areas (indoor and outdoor)! You can get mixed drinks, wine and even Great Wolf growlers of beer. There’s a bar in the hotel, and you can also order drinks at the restaurant.

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Is Great Wolf Lodge dining package worth it?

Maybe a night or two. If you plan on staying longer at the lodge , eating outside of the property might be something you decide to experience. If you plan on eating entirely on property, the Great Wolf Lodge meal plan is well worth it .

Can adults enjoy Great Wolf Lodge?

Everyone from children to adults can also enjoy the outdoor activity pool Raccoon Lagoon, the South Hot Springs, Big Foot Pass water course, the Crooked Creek lazy river and much more. Throughout the day, the whole family can take part in Great Wolf Lodge’s interactive activities.

How many days do you need at Great Wolf Lodge?

2 days

Are 2 year olds free at Great Wolf Lodge?

Keep in mind that children under 2 years old are usually free so that helps ease the cost. We have gone to the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs and one in Anaheim, CA.

Is breakfast included at Great Wolf Lodge?

Package includes Breakfast is served from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. Gratuity is included in the price. This package cannot be combined with other breakfast promotions and must be added at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

Do you get free wolf ears at Great Wolf Lodge?

The Great Wolf Lodge is such a smart concept. An indoor waterpark with its own restaurants, interactive games, themed log cabin/cave rooms, and a free pair of wolf ears …

Can you bring outside food to Great Wolf Lodge?

You can absolutely bring your own food and drink to the lodge . There is a mini refrigerator in the room as well as a microwave. Outside Food and beverage is NOT permitted in the waterpark itself, but in your room/lobby area is fine. There is a mini refrigerator in the room as well as a microwave.

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Do you have to wear a bathing suit at Great Wolf Lodge?

Proper swim attire is required .

Is Kalahari better than Great Wolf Lodge?

We had no real negatives about Great Wolf but in all honesty, Kalahari Resort surpasses them on almost all levels, but to no fault of Great Wolf . Kalahari is newer and more efficiently run.

Do you need water shoes for Great Wolf Lodge?

Depending on the time of year, you won’t need much more than swimsuits, cover-ups, water shoes and goggles. Towels and life jackets are provided and shorts and t-shirt are the norm for clothing around the resort. Leave your fancy clothing home unless you plan to go off property.

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