Bowling ball beach caBowling ball beach ca

How do I get to Bowling Ball Beach?

You have to park up on Highway 1 and then take a hike down to the beach area. Not easy to reach as the trail has been eroded and you have to climb down a make shift ladder (see pictures). We got there a little too late after low tide and several of the rock ” bowling balls ” were covered up but still a great beach .

Where can you find a beach with bowling ball shaped rocks?

Schooner Gulch State Beach

How low does the Tide need to be for bowling ball?

You optimally want about a receding four-foot tide three hours before sunset. (Sunrise is too fast and the light becomes over-bright too quickly.) Sunset allows for much longer shooting times during the alpenglow.

How was bowling ball Beach formed?

The mysterious round rocks of Schooner Gulch. Best observed at low tide, the so-called bowling balls are actually a geological phenomenon known as “concretion,” sedimentary rock formed by a natural process wherein mineral cements bind grains of sand or stone into larger formations.

Does Glass Beach still have glass?

Yes, there’s still lots of glass at Glass Beach ! The newly opened coastal trail at Noyo Headlands Park now offers visitors access to all the beaches at Glass Beach . Just take Elm Street to the west in Fort Bragg and you’ll find plenty of parking, and walks along the clifftops.

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