Bowling ball axis tiltBowling ball axis tilt

What is axis tilt in bowling?

Axis tilt is the vertical angle at which the ball rotates. Commonly known as spin, axis tilt is determined by the position of the thumb during the release. If the hand turns too early, the thumb exits on top of the ball.

What is the difference in axis tilt and rotation?

Axis rotation is determined by the amount of side roll that your hand applies to the ball. Axis tilt is the spin that you put on the ball.

How do you lower the tilt on a bowling axis?

Bowlers with a high degree of axis tilt will be able to see the top of their hand during the release and follow through. Being able to have the thumb exit at the bottom of the down swing minimizes axis tilt .

Who is Mo Pinel?

When Mo Pinel came to the Peninsula from Rome, N.Y., and relocated his Resurfaced by Us Inc., operation in Grafton, he was a professional bowler. He bowled as a PBA Touring Pro from 1973-1977. Pinel used to spend 250 days a year on the road bowling, and it wasn’t an easy life.

How is PAP bowling measured?

How to find your PAP : Cut a piece of white tape into about a 1″ square. Place the tape on the side of the ball opposite your track (right side for righties, left for lefties). Throw the ball down the lane and adjust the tape until it makes a stable dot on the side of the ball through the front part of the lane.

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