Abralon pads for bowling ballsAbralon pads for bowling balls

What are Abralon pads used for?

Abralon is the bowling industry’s leader in sanding pads and equipment. These pads will help to sand or finish a bowling ball to a person’s desired grit level, and help to achieve a true roll and better performance on the lanes.

What grit should I use on my bowling ball?

Or sand if you want to change the surface of the ball to suit the lane condition. The rougher grits are for oily conditions such as 500 or 800 grit . The 1000 or 2000 grit is for medium oil conditions. The 4000 grit sanding pad will give a sheen to the surface of the ball without using polish.

How long do Abralon pads last?

There’s no set life for them it, if you use them dry they load up fast , if you wet sand they will last a lot longer. It also depends on coverstock types, how much pressure you apply etc. According to Ebonite their pads at the factory can do approx. 70 bowling balls.

Where can I buy Abralon pads?

Re: Where do you buy abralon pads ? Try www.innovativebowling.com. They also have a great selection and great bulk prices.

Can you use Windex to clean bowling ball?

It is safe to use Windex and a microfiber towel to clean your bowling ball . Just keep in mind that Windex is only suitable for a light surface clean . To get rid of oil, you will need to bring your bowling ball to a pro shop or place it in a bucket of hot water for 20 minutes.

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How often should you resurface your bowling ball?

every 60 games

Do bowling balls wear out?

With proper maintenance, you should get at least 5-10 years out of a quality bowling ball .

Can you use car polish on a bowling ball?

Re: Auto Polish Okay for Balls Either of these are fine for bowling balls . My buddy had a pro shop and used them whenever he ran out of “real” bowling polish . They both have grit, with the polishing compound having a higher grit level (less abrasive) to remove those swirl marks.

How many times can you sand a bowling ball?

We recommend that you hand sand your ball using the described technique every 6 to 9 games. Take a picture of your bowling ball after sanding it.

Can you wash Abralon pads?

Re: Cleaning Abralon Pads I use some running water and an old toothbrush to clean off the ‘stuff’ that does adhere to the pads , it works just fine and is easy.

What does 4000 grit Abralon mean?

We have one ball at 1,000- grit Abralon and one ball at 4,000 – grit Abralon . The higher the number, the finer the grit used on the surface of the ball, creating a smoother texture. The lower the number, the more coarse. We’ll start with the 4,000 – grit surface, which gives the bowler a moderately strong ball reaction.

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