How to aim in pool billiards

How do pros aim in pool?

“Pro Secret Aim ” Focus your concentration on the cue ball “nose” that strikes the object ball, not the edge which passes the object ball. Pros look through the ghost ball at the object ball’s real edge, not through ghost ball center into empty space. Pro Aim works for full hits to about half ball hits.

Where do you look when shooting a pool?

Get your eyes on the shot line while standing. Keep your eyes sharp on the OB or cushion target as you drop into your stance and shooting position. As your bridge hand approaches the table, start sighting back & forth between CB & OB.

Can you cut a pool ball in half?

Mini cues. I have cut them in half many ways and most the time it is a little scary. Using a three jaw chuck and a hacksaw with a good blade is by far the best way for me. I can chuck a ball up just short of equator and then part it 50/50, or take off wafers of different thicknesses.

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