Billiards black widow

Who Is the Black Widow in pool?

Jeanette Lee

Who is the best female pool player?

Pictures and Rankings below are based upon the 2019 Year End Rankings – Click on Current Rankings (below) to see where your favorite players are ranked today! #1 Allison Fisher . #2 Brittany Bryant. #3 Jennifer Barretta . #4 Wei Tzu Chien. #5 Kelly Fisher . #6 Line Kjorsvik . #7 Siming Chen . #8 Monica Webb.

How old is Jeanette Lee?

49 лет ()

How old is Earl Strickland?

59 years (June 8, 1961)

How heavy should a pool cue be?

19 to 19.5 ounces

Who is the number 1 pool player in the world?

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Rank Player Total Points
1 Ko, Ping Chung 25263
2 Filler, Joshua 23512
3 Van Boening, Shane 22574
4 Gorst, Fedor 19037

Who is greatest pool player of all time?


What country has the best pool players?

Performances by nation

# Country Semi-finalists
1 Philippines 2 (2008, 2009)
2 China 4 (2008, 2009, 2017, 2018)
3 Austria 1 (2014)
4 England 1 (2015)

How tall is Jeanette Lee?

5′ 6″

What cue does Jeanette Lee use?

I play with a Jacoby Custom Cue made by Dave Jacoby in Wisconsin. It’s worth about $3,500, made of ebony and ivory. Top tournaments pay the winner around $10,000.

How old is Allison Fisher?

52 years (February 24, 1968)

What is the trick to snooker aiming?

Follow them like this: Place your cue on the table in the middle of the belly button. Stand with your feet either side of the white – Without moving the cue shuffle your feet either left or right and find out where you best “see” the angle on the shot!

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